The National Chorale, New York’s premier professional choral company, is celebrating 51 years of excellence in vocal music education and performance.

Founded in 1967, the National Chorale is the only professional choral company in the United States to have established and maintained an annual subscription season in the major New York City concert halls – 51 seasons in David Geffen Hall with additional concerts at Carnegie Hall.  It presents a broad repertory of choral-orchestral works; seldom-performed works from many stylistic periods; opera-in-concert; American music theatre; and contemporary works, including commissions by the Chorale for its Lincoln Center Season.

In addition to its David Geffen Hall series, the Chorale has toured nationally; presented 19 summer seasons of New York Festival of American Music Theater concerts in Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park and parks throughout the New York area; concert tours of New York State and New York City; vocal-instrumental chamber music series. and Concerts for Young People.

The Chorale has also had a continuing major vocal-choral music education initiative in the New York public schools in cooperation with the NYC Department of Education and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. This initiative includes city-wide artist-in-residence programs; after-school high school choral programs; special contemporary music residencies; the popular New York City High School Choral Festival and the new Elementary and Middle School Choral Festivals.

In addition, the Chorale has a Partnership with the New York City Professional Performing Arts High School, will be in its  9th year during 2018-2019, providing vocal and choral training to young people who plan to enter the music profession as performers or music educators.

Photo: EVERETT McCORY, Artistic Director & Conductor with THE NATIONAL CHORALE;  Photograph: © 2015 Richard Termine ALL PHOTO CREDITS – Richard Termine




National Chorale Staff

Amy Siegler, Executive Director 

Vagarshak Ohanyan, Principal Conductor, Educational Programs

Jeryl Cunningham-Fleming, Artist-In-Residence, Education Programs

Gina Morgano, Artist-in-Residence, Education Programs

JessAnn Smith, Artist-In-Residence, Education Programs

Matthew Truss, Artist-in-Residence, Education Programs

Steve Vaughan, Artist-In-Residence, Education Programs

Saffron Chung, Resident Pianist, Education Programs